We have more great news on Peter’s latest round of tests…. he remains “NED” (No Evidence of Disease in the Neuroblastoma world). We celebrate these milestones because we know so well how miraculous it is, and know it would be a mistake to ever take it for granted! Please, please pray for our friend Mary, who was diagnosed at the exact same time as Peter. They went through all of their frontline treatment, including transplant, at the same time. While her NB never fully cleared, she was later diagnosed with a very serious form of leukemia (NB treatment can cause secondary cancers) and went through a donor transplant this summer. She has just learned the leukemia is back, and despite persistent fevers that have had her in the hospital for a week, she has chosen to go home with her family. We are devastated for them, for all they have endured, to end up with these results, so we want nothing but a miracle for Mary! Please keep her in your prayers…
We hope you have a Happy Halloween… I don’t know how the weather is in MN today but it’s probably a bit warmer here in Ohio! Peter is a ‘rapster’ (??!!), Ellie is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Kate is a bunny rabbit. Even though we are on candy overload already, they are excited to go trick or treating tonight. Thanks for checking in… we will see Dr. Yanik in a couple of weeks for follow up and expect to be there every 6 months for scans. Take Care – Ty, Erika, Peter, Ellie & Kate

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  1. That is fabulous news. Way to go, Pete! Hope all the kiddos had a great time on Halloween and we hope you are enjoying your new environment in Ohio. The kids still pray for Peter each night – we think about you all so much! We have also added another little boy to our prayer list – 6-yr-old Kyle from our neighborhood is battling the same disease. He flies to NY next week for the 3F8 treatment. We hope he can be as strong as Peter.

    Warm wishes,
    The Ballingers
    Kevin, Sara, Marley, Ty & Kaia

  2. Dear Ty, Erika, Peter, Ellie & Kate,

    I check in every Saturday morning so I just received the good news about Peter posted last Sunday. Super! We are very happy for you all.
    We hope things are settling in for you and that you enjoy your new surroundings.

    All the best,

  3. Brainerd, Minnesota is certainly not the same with out all of the EIGNERS. I am so happy to read the most recent update about Peter.
    Hard to believe Halloween has come and gone.

    Wishing the entire Eigner family all the best.
    God Bless –

  4. Wonderful news!! Another milestone. Good for Pete and keep up the great fight. Continued prayers for Pete and all of his friends with this horrible disease.
    Love, Glenda, Steve, Josh, Meg and Jake

  5. Awesome news. We were in MN for Halloween this year and it was bit cold but tolerable … I’ve been through much colder Halloweens. G tells me all are adjusting to Ohio and the kids are enjoying their new school(s). Ty sounds like you got busy right from the start … I’ll have to check out the Bowling Green Hockey schedule maybe I can catch a game on TV. We continue to pray for all cancel patients … and will say a special prayer for Mary.

    Mary & Gary Mueller

  6. So wonderful to hear that Peter continues to be healthy, that you’ve moved successfully (are all the boxes unpacked?), that you all are happy and well. Thank you for reminding us to hold others in our hearts. Best, Claudia

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