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Hello all, sorry for the delay in posting. As you can imagine we have lot’s of new and exciting things to report. We are settling in to our new routine in Bowling Green. The kids are all doing great and really like school and the new neighborhood! Peter and Ellie attend St. Al’s Catholic school and both have great teachers. Kate is going to pre school everyday and is having a ball. Erika is getting is still working for Tradition and is getting used to working from home. And I am getting used to college hockey and really enjoying the challenge.

Today, Peter, Erika and I are going to Ann Arbor and the Children’s Hospital there at the University of Michigan. This will be his first appointment/meeting there so we are excited to meet the new Doctors there, although we are all a little nervous because this is going to be new for all of us. Peter has been doing great, still growing like a weed. He has had a great appetite and his energy level has been really good. We think we will meet the new Doctor’s today and probably set up a time for his next round of scans and tests. The great thing is that Ann Arbor is just over an hour away, so it should make the visits much easier than going to New York. On a side note this past weekend, we played the University of Michigan in our opening series, and lost both games 4-1 and 4-2. They are the #4 team in college hockey and are very good. Anyway, Peter said to Erika “is it OK if I tell the Dr. that I don’t like Michigan.”

As for other news, Gramma and Grampa Poopster and Gramma Mary made a trip down in September which was great. The kids showed them everything in BG so that was fun. Then this past weekend, Gramma Mary, Grampa Sig and Trent’s family made a trip down in an RV for the weekend. The kids played with their cousins all weekend and everyone was very tired by the time Sunday morning rolled around!

Finally, thanks so much for keeping Peter and our family in your prayers and thoughts. We are continually strengthened by all of you and are so very forunate to have you all as part Peter’s Team.

God Bless,

The Eigner’s

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