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SO FAR SO GOOD on the scans! Dr. Kushner sent an email last night to say the CT scans and the MIBG both look great! We are so thankful. We LOVE getting emailed results as opposed to a tap on the shoulder in clinic or a phone call! Ty said that right when he told Pete that the scans looked great so far, Peter asked “then why do I need the liver MRI tomorrow?” Good question Pete… We know he still needs it (MRI could pick up different things than the CTs) but who can blame the kid for not wanting to lay in that machine for an hour & a half! We will keep you posted; won’t have bone marrow results until next week i’m sure. Take Care!

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  1. Hey gang! Great to see the news is continuing on a positive path! Miss you all a ton! Give us a jingle if you are ever up North! Val

  2. Great news so far, and we pray for more news just like it! Thanks for the updates, we still think about you all so often and pray that Peter will not only win each round of this fight, but will win the final round soon!

  3. GREAT news! It was nice seeing Ty and Peter (who is looking so wonderful!) in the playroom last week. Jack had a wonderful time playing — from umbrella painting, to video gaming, to pizza making, the boys were so cute together. I am thrilled to read your update and hope you have received more of those great emails from the team here in NY.

    Warm wishes to all of you from here in NYC,
    Sarah and Jack Bartosz

  4. Hello Eigner Family!

    So glad to hear that things are good! Hoping the good news continues to come! You guys are an amazing family and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We have plenty to be thankful for :)!

    Take Care!

  5. Wonderful news!!! I check back on Pete’s site every so often. I am always relieved when there is no news. That means NORMAL!! We think of you all often and hope to run into you guys again soon.
    Love, Steve, Glenda, Josh, Meg and Jake

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